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I am blind as well.

Since 15 years old from Glaucoma. Prejudice is everywhere and I find that people tend to think we are helpless or something.

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I met a Christian bus driver that told me that I may be physically blind but there are those that are worse. They are blinded by their own prejudice minds. Unfortunately love doesn't mean the same anymore, sweet and accepting. Now society has it as a contest on who can get the best alpha male or female. Me, I haven't been privileged to be on a date with someone of a unique difference. To be honest I feel like I was born in the wrong era.

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I would love to date someone different sweet and accepting with open arms. Anyway its only physical aspect some women looks whats in the heart than on the outside appearance. I sure would, if he has spritual passion, goals, is a communicator with a sense of humor, is balanced, affectionate, thoughtful, positive, is financially stable, and is appreciative.

Would you date a fat lady? You sound like a cool guy Rex! I used to be a hairdresser and once worked on a gal with such a neat sense of humor. She asked me to call her a cab so I said "okay, you're a cab".

Stories about blindness and visual impairment from people in Wisconsin

She howled with glee and the rest of the shop nearly died of heart failure. She had been coming in for years and they were so careful when talking to her because she was blind.

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She is a person, so I treated her like one. We had a blast every time she came in to see me. God bless you really good Rex!!! I can shave in the dark without a mirror too. I can also refuse to answer if she says "Honey does this outfit make me look fat? I could say more but I remember well my chastening by the webmaster. Boy where were you sweethearts back in my twenties LOL.

Thank you ladies for the very kind responses, you give a man confidence and renewed belief in the human race as a whole. Hey the other Tanya, post a message with your whole user name and I'll contact you or just give me a ring at my ID. Johnny Lee ain't the only one lookin for love in all the wrong places, that was me too but I'm no Urban Cowboy, maybe a Country Plowboy: Rex all I can say is wow. I have been reading some of your responses and you seem like an amazing man.

One any girl should be proud to be with.

How to date a blind person - living with blindness

I understand the prejudice and the stereotyping. I have an elder sister who got her one eye blinded due to fever. People called her by her name but with a "buta" meaning blind attached to it. My sister has several talents beyond being blind but people didn't see such gifts. People, professing to be christians, can be very cruel at times. I hope Rex, you will get your heart's desire. Rex, Thought I should point out that there are 2 Tanya's posting on here I had the first "Tanya" post I'm married but I hope the other Tanya contacts you!

I had a funny thought after reading one of your posts No bright light in her eyes! I wish I had more space because I have some funny stories you wouldn't believe. A lot of people don't believe that I'm blind at first because I have what we call spacial sensing and can walk and move pretty freely and confidently in closed places. I'm hyper and this one guy thought I had parkinson's disease.

Dating My Sweetheart Again After Losing Vision

I knew him for several months before the issue of blindness was discussed. Tanya and nvBarbara, I really appreciate and can benefit from your posts. If anyone cares to contact me off-blog you can find me through the profile search page. I was raised and educated in a sighted society.

I work in a sighted society.

Dating Blind Men

People that don't know me are scared to get to know me, people that know me value me as a friend and fear losing a friendship or maybe they have a little prejudice in them too, I don't know. I'm five two but I walk tall all the time.

I don't put my best foot forward just for first impressions, my best foot is the foot I keep forward. Anyone wishing to write to me can by going to "view a profile" on the community home page, rex Yes, I would date a blind man!! I don't understand prejudiced people any more than you do!

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The ground is level at the cross!! We ALL need Jesus to save us and love us!! It is such a shame when people can't see past the external and see the real person inside. I had a dear friend when I was in Kansas that was blind and we had a blast. He showed me that being blind isn't a really bad thing. I am legally blind myself but still have some vision, only missing peripheral vision.

I would love to chat! I'm married already, but if I were single I'd have no problem dating a blind man. He'd have to love the Lord and both of us in agreement on our faith. I dated a deaf man for a while years ago, he was very nice, luckily he read lips very well, but it was at that time that I took a 'Sign' class. I am by nature a 'caretaker', I wouldn't mind helping where his blindness gave him problems. It actually would be OK, he wouldn't know if I looked sloppy or didn't 'put my face on that day! In the past year I have dated 2 women who claimed to be Christian women.

They quoted all the right scripture, said the right prayers, went to church, and treated strangers well -- for a very short time, then after I treated them well, they began to feel better and then they moved on to the next big adventure. I am skeptic now of those who have been born and raised in Christian families. I'm sure that most are genuine but I just met two very ingenious ones, the Christian heart is soft and they hurt mine. Gay, thanks for the kind words and yes I am a christian, I use the Bible as a manual for life. You can drive if I can read in the dark. It's nice to have some humor in all this serious talk.

Gee, I mean double-gee, these blogs are quite insightful, entertaining and much appreciated. Well, look at it this way I don't agree with your church, I'm sorry. God has made you the way you are, and will restore us all fully in heaven. No one on earth is "whole". He has a purpose for everything, including your lack of sight.